Congratulations to our 2012 ECO-Innovator Contest Winner Justine Smith, whose idea for Aggie wall hooks won her the title "Eco-innovator 2012".


Order recycled Chip Clips today!

Greenfreak is committed to helping our environment and bringing recycling to new heights by offering exciting new products created from expanded polystyrene. We are diverting normally discarded solid waste (polystyrene/styrofoam ©) and using it to create a range of plastics which can be molded into almost anything. How do we do it? Check out our FAQ to learn more. You can browse our website and learn about our commitment to preserving our environment and our business.


Who are Greenfreaks?

You. People just like you. People who WILL do the right thing for the EARTH, given the OPPORTUNITY. Yes, Greenfreaks are all sorts. Sometimes, we are Prius-driving, hemp-wearing surfers. Often, we are are tree-hugging, re-usable bag-toting adventurers. But, we are also over-burdened moms and dads, overworked employees, time-limited students, working families, and single parents. Our days are crammed full of obligations. We absolutely care about our environment, but sometimes, we are simply too exhausted from the day to turn last night’s spent wine bottle into a vase just for bragging rights to our sustainable tabletop couture.

We pay attention to the climate debate if it’s on T.V. at the gym. There’s a bit of guilt if we throw away a recycleable cup. We promise ourselves to rinse our plastics better at home as penance. We sort glass, paper, and plastics for curbside pick-up. We buy green products when they are comparably priced to new materials... Read More